Album Details
Mike Campbell - Easy Chair Jazz
Label: Audiophile   Label-Nummer: ACD-272
Recording: 1983-90   Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1

1-1Music's The Only Thing That's On My Mind1983-90
1-2A Little Taste1983-90
1-3Bein' Green1983-90
1-4I Love You, In 3/4 Time1983-90
1-5I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before1983-90
1-6Sweet Lorraine1983-90
1-7Moon And Sand1983-90
1-8Honeysuckle Rose1983-90
1-9The Legacy1983-90
1-10I'm Inclined / You Stepped Out Of A ...1983-90
1-11Everything Happens To Me1983-90
1-12I Can't Take You Nowhere1983-90
1-13Nobody Home1983-90
1-15Easy Chair1983-90
1-16With A Song In My Heart/ The Song Is You1983-90
Mike Campbell voc,
Peter DonaldUSd,
Tom Garvin p,
John HeardUSb,
Steve HuffsteterUStp,
Clay JenkinsUSflh, tp,
Lanny MorganUSas, fl, ss, ts,
Bruce PaulsonUStb,
Ralph PenlandUSd, perc,
Tom PetersonUSbar, ts,
Dan SawyerUSg,
Dave Shank perc,
Bob SheppardUSas, cl, fl, ss, ts,
Eric Von EssenUSb,

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