Album Details
Louis Armstrong - Compl. Edition #4
Label: Masters of Jazz   Label-Nummer: MJCD 26
Recording: 1924/25   Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1

1-1Papa, Mama's All Alone Blues1924/25
1-2Changeable Daddy Of Mine1924/25
1-3Terrible Blues1924/25
1-4Santa Claus Blues1924/25
1-5Baby, I Can't Use You No More1924/25
1-6Trouble Everywhere I Roam1924/25
1-7Mandy Make Up Your Mind1924/25
1-8Poor House1924/25
1-9Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage1924/25
1-10Thunderstorm Blues1924/25
1-11If I Lose, Let Me Lose1924/25
1-12Screamin' The Blues1924/25
1-13Good Time Flat Blues1924/25
1-14I'm A Little Blackbird1924/25
1-15Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning1924/25
1-16Early Every Morning1924/25
1-17Cake Walkin' Babies From Home1924/25
1-18Broken Busted Blues1924/25
1-19Pickin' On Your Baby1924/25
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUSco, tp, voc,
Buster BaileyUSas, cl,
Sidney BechetUScl, ss,
Elmer ChambersUStp,
Buddy ChristianUSbjo,
Charlie DixonUSbjo,
Ralph EscuderoUStub,
Charlie GreenUStb,
Lil Hardin - ArmstrongUSp,
Coleman HawkinsUSts,
Fletcher HendersonUSp,
Alberta HunterUSvoc,
Charlie IrvisUStb,
Margaret "Countess" JohnsonUSvoc,
Maggie JonesUSvoc,
Kaiser MarshallUSd,
Don RedmanUSas, cl, voc,
Howard ScottUSco, tp,
Clara SmithUSvoc,
Eva TaylorUSvoc,
Aaron ThompsonUStb,
Sippie WallaceUSvoc,
Clarence WilliamsUSp, voc,

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