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Nico Brina - That's My Way
30 Years - The Jubilee Session
Label: Stormy Monday Records   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1

1-1All Shook Up 
1-2Charlie's Boogie 
1-3She's The One And Only 
1-4Intermezzo Boogie No. 1 
1-5That's My Way 
1-6It Hurts Me As Soon As You're Gone 
1-7TV Commercial Love 
1-8Check Out Baby 
1-9Intermezzo Boogie No. 2 
1-10Buzz me 
1-11Barrel Of Monkeys 
1-12Tip Of My Tongue 
1-13Intermezzo Boogie No. 3 
1-14Steam Roller Boogie 
1-15Rock Baby Rock 
1-16Blues With A Feeling 
1-17The Bye Bye Song 
Pete BorelCHg,
Nico BrinaCHp, voc,
Tobias SchrammCHd,
Charly WeibelCHd,

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